Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Two Shows Coming Up!!

I think I'm out of sorts tonight.  Too much to do and I'm just not used to having shows this late in the year.  Do you ever feel like things are piling up around you as you get close to the holidays??

Neighbors can be so helpful, can't they?  You need a cup of sugar -- bam, they've got it.  My next door neighbors are great and tonight when I went over there to borrow something they looked a little perplexed but obliged.  It was an unusual request.  I begged to use their washing machine!  I needed to felt 4 hats I had knit up or I wouldn't be able to sell them this weekend!  Thank goodness they have an old-fashioned Maytag and after two cycles, my hats were done!  Phew!!  I sat there and knit on a fingerless mitt while I waited -- never an idle moment for me (with the exception of last night's barber shop visit).

I know I promised pictures of the mitts but there's no time for that tonight.  I only stopped knitting for a moment so I could write this post.

For those of you in the Detroit area, here are the details of my next two shows:

12/2 6-9 PM 
Friends of Different Learners
Birmingham Covington School -- 1525 Covington Rd. Bloomfield, MI  48301.  The school is located at Quarton and Covington Roads.  There will be about 35 vendors and a silent auction to help benefit their programs.

12/3  3-8 PM
12/4 11 AM-8 PM
12/5 12-4 PM
Birmingham Winter Markt
Shain Park, Downtown Birmingham
Loads of activities for all ages -- here's the schedule.

It will be plenty chilly for the Winter Markt so bundle up and join me there!  Or if you don't want to linger around the park, come to the first show on Thursday evening!  Either way I hope to see some friendly faces.  You might even find some holiday gifts or something to treat yourself!


harriet said...

Yes, I know how you feel. Fortunately, for me, the holiday rush is about over (incredibly early Hannuka you know). I'll try to see you at one of the shows. If I don't make it, good luck, hope you do extremely well.

Suzanne said...

Thanks Harriet and Happy Hanukkah!

kpultzdesign said... you still want some help during some point of the winter markt? what would be most helpful? I do have a class/lunch on saturday so am busy until about 2 pm then. otherwise, let me know!

Tanya said...

Hope your show went well tonight--Joanie and I may try to come see you on Saturday! Want us to bring you some hot cocoa?

Tanya said...

hey Kate! :-)

Suzanne said...

Yes, yes, yes. All relief help would be welcomed! Hot cocoa? Can I get a double? Just kidding. My booth is between the statue and Bates St, not too far from a Mt Bruce booth -- crazy!