Monday, December 27, 2010

Monday Update

How many times during a really important conversation have your ears completely shut down on you?  Today I had my phone screening for the job at MetLife and I swear I don't remember half the things the recruiter said.  Good thing I had a notepad but still, what was her tone?  Did she say they would definitely want me for this team?  Did I go dumb and numb?  I know she said the managers were not in the office due to the holidays and she thought maybe I'd hear something from them in a few days.  Or maybe it's next week.  I dunno.

In the meantime I'm still on vacation.  That is, except for the reminder of my visit to the Ferndale Career Center today to make sure my paperwork is in order to start getting my unemployment checks.  What a sad lot of people there.  I sure hope my vacation doesn't last too long.

I went to my friend Sally's tonight to knit with her and about 20 other gals.  We all brought more food than a shelter could use.  I was busy yakking too much so I still have about 3 inches to go on the back of my Caddy Cardigan.  It's a good thing I'm alternating the balls of yarn as the new skein has some darker streaks in it.  Then again, it's the back, I'll never see it.

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