Sunday, December 19, 2010

Chickens and Their Aprons

Today was our annual Chicken Christmas Brunch and it was a fabulous day.  I was in charge of meat so I brought bacon and homemade breakfast sausage patties.  I got the recipe from Judy Laquidara's blog and they were very tasty.

We started the day with the apron exchange.  Deb, Kathy, Joyce, Diane, Sue, Mary, Jackie and I participated in the swap by selecting one another's names and making an apron to that person's liking.  Pat and Carol did not participate so they got to pass out the aprons to the appropriate recipients.

Here's Mary, wearing her chicken apron from Kathy:

And here's Diane wearing her apron while admiring her new hot pad and a dark chocolate bar from Joyce:

Notice the lovely 'pearl' necklace?  We all had a chance to wear this charming item.

And here's a nice shot of all of us:
See me sitting in the front row wearing my fabulous Counting Sheep apron, with Chef Suzanne on it?  Diane had my name and she also made me a matching pillowcase, which is going on my pillow tonight!

Joyce's daughter Erin stopped by with baby Henry James.  Grandmas Joyce and Carol were in their glory.  Henry made his way around the group and it was fellow Grandma Deb who seemed to have the best success holding him.

Missing from our group today were Jackie (up north) and Judy (down in Florida) -- sorry they missed out on all the fun and great food.  Diane had to leave early to see her sister perform at the Fox Theatre in Detroit but the rest of us sat around and gabbed until 5:30 PM!  I'm sure Joyce's husband, kids, and dogs thought we'd never leave!


harriet said...

You guys look like you had a blast. So nice to have such good friends.

Anonymous said...

Suzanne~ You did such great minutes that I may have to "steal" them! We did have fun and the time just flew by!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the photos and great commentary. It was a wonderful day. Hugs, Kathy