Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Sweatshop is Open!

I have been busier than a beaver lately!!  When I don't write for a few days you can figure I'm either out of town or busy in my Craft Cave.  

This time I've been busy crafting away.  I finished a baby quilt (no peaking until 6/22), and birthday quilt for someone hitting a big milestone, and something special for someone turning 1 soon!  Wish I could share the photos but you'll just have to wait!!

In the meantime, I'm packing up for a long overdue weekend with my stitch group up at our friend Jackie's, on Torch Lake.  I CANNOT wait!!  The weather is heating up and it will be so nice to be on the lake when it isn't ice covered!!

Look for pictures and tales of my adventures next week.

I've still not been successful in my job hunt and that had been getting me down -- darn good thing my sewing has been keeping me busy.

Friday, May 24, 2013

Produce Delivery

I haven't been posting photos of my Door to Door Organics deliveries lately but here's what was in my box a couple of weeks ago.  I have to say I haven't been good about consuming everything.  I think I'm just 'off' lately and having a hard time eating right.  That needs to change!

Look what was hiding under the kale:

Makes me hungry just looking at it!  They have great recipes on their website to help you use their produce.  Here's one I think I'll make this morning, Sweet Green Smoothie.  Time to eat!

Look, I DID make it:
I used a peach instead of a pear, and I think I will blend it a bit more.  It tastes really good but I don't think I blended the kale enough.

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Little Miss Reese

Last June I sewed a dress and headband set for my great niece Reese, who was born on June 19th.

And here's a picture of Reese in her outfit -- isn't she adorable?!  She will be 1 year old in just a month -- time really does fly!!
Photo courtesy of Joanna Penny Photography in Kennesaw, GA.

Friday, May 17, 2013

My Favorite Guy

I haven't posted any pictures of my grandson Denver in ages!  I had a chance to visit him twice in one week! What a joy, even if he did take a tumble and whack his forehead.  Poor little guy!  He bounced back quickly.  Oh to be young again....

Monday, May 13, 2013

Shedding some light...

...on the subject.  Remember the wonderful light I got the other day at Utrecht's???  Well it wouldn't stay put on my table.  I used the provided C-clamp and it would keep leaning forward -- enough to put a dent in my table!  It very nearly tipped over!!  So I went back to the store today to return it but I didn't have the box it came in so they wouldn't take it back -- arghhhh!  Really????

So the manager came out of his office to the register and after a bit of "discussion" we decided that I would try to use a couple of pieces of Bass wood to put on the top and bottom of my table with the clamp.  Thank goodness it worked (at least so far) and I can have the kind of illumination that I need to sew properly.  Yeah!

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Done, Done, Diddley Done

My programs for the quilt guild are done!  Yeehaw!  Next month's meeting is the election, challenge reveal, and drawing for a quilt shop gift certificate for this year's workshop participants.  I am thankful to be done and ready to hand over the reins to my friend Sue.  

I'm celebrating with a glass of Sambuca Black -- mmmm, mmmm good if you like licorice.  If not, more for me!

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Brilliant Idea!

I discovered this storage solution today while visiting the DIY Home Sweet Home blog.  It's a space-deprived person's dream answer to how to store all those kitchen utensils and baking dishes!  Now, if only I had a handyman around...

Tuesday, May 7, 2013


When you go shopping do you only buy what you intended to buy or do extras end up in your cart?  I'm forever finding interesting must-have items I didn't originally have on my shopping list.

I found this terrific basil plant at Hollywood Market last Sunday when I was picking up some horseradish and sour cream for the roast beef I was making that day.  Did I need basil?  No, but I didn't let that stop me!   This interesting way of bringing fresh herbs to your kitchen is from HerbCo International.  Check out their website.
 The bag contains a rooted live plant.  I just had to remove it from the package and place it in a glass with 1" of water, keeping the water up as grows.  I love the smell of fresh basil and this is such an easy way to have it ready for cooking.  I hate when I have to buy a whole package of an herb when I only need a couple of tablespoons -- don't you?? 

Then yesterday I needed to buy some translucent vellum paper for my Self-Mitered Log Cabin workshop on Saturday with Anita Grossman Solomon.  I headed over to Utrecht Art Supplies in Royal Oak and a nice employee named Nadine guided me to the proper product.  I don't remember ever buying vellum before and I certainly had never been in their store.  Of course I wandered around, perusing their vast array of items and then I spotted another must-have item:

I thought it would be perfect for my sewing table.  I need as much light as possible when I cut and sew.


See how well it illuminates the big fat mess on my table!

Now it's time to finally clean the Craft Cave and prepare for Anita's workshops.  There's still space in the Saturday workshop so be sure to let me know if you would like to join us -- it will be loads of fun!

Saturday, May 4, 2013


My other roommate, Maggie, got her Spring makeover -- thank goodness!


I also found a new home for my old stove courtesy of the Salvation Army:

I'm still cleaning my house up.  I used the Windex Outdoors to clean my windows -- first time in two years.  Last year a new home was being built nearby so I used that as an excuse not to bother cleaning the windows.  I worked on my closet and dresser drawers, taking more clothes over the the Salvation Army.  Next up, my Craft Cave!