Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Sweatshop is Open!

I have been busier than a beaver lately!!  When I don't write for a few days you can figure I'm either out of town or busy in my Craft Cave.  

This time I've been busy crafting away.  I finished a baby quilt (no peaking until 6/22), and birthday quilt for someone hitting a big milestone, and something special for someone turning 1 soon!  Wish I could share the photos but you'll just have to wait!!

In the meantime, I'm packing up for a long overdue weekend with my stitch group up at our friend Jackie's, on Torch Lake.  I CANNOT wait!!  The weather is heating up and it will be so nice to be on the lake when it isn't ice covered!!

Look for pictures and tales of my adventures next week.

I've still not been successful in my job hunt and that had been getting me down -- darn good thing my sewing has been keeping me busy.


Renee said...

You are such a wonderful Aunt, Great Aunt, Sister to complete so many projects for the special people in your life! Have fun on your trip!

Anonymous said...

~wow your family is soooo lucky to have ewe & your talented crafting skills!..have fun/relax on your trip! ;-D