Friday, January 31, 2014

Detroit Comics and Quilt Fabric -- who knew??

I've got a mission this weekend -- folding fabric!  I saw this blog link from Angela Pingel on Fave Quilts on Monday and went straight to my nearby comic book store, Detroit Comics, in fashionable Ferndale.  I had never been to a comic book store in my life and my only frame of reference comes from Big Bang Theory.

I was greeted by a youngish man who exclaimed "Good thing I put my pants on".  Hmmm.  I said "Good thing indeed".  I picked up a pack of 100 comic book backer boards for $9.99 and headed out the door, worried he might take his pants off.  Just kidding.  Not really.

I got a start during this week, folding easily 50 yards of fabric already.  

Tip of the iceberg, my friends, tip of the iceberg.  I see myself buying many more yards of fabric packs of backer boards.  Makes me WANT to get organized!  Really!!

Sending a BIG shout out to my sister Renee -- it's her birthday today.  Happy Birthday Sister!

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Cleaning up

For Christmas this past year I got the whiz bang idea to make everyone in my family a fleece hat with a matching neck gaiter.  I made several sets for my quilt guild's bazaar too.  All together I made about 36 sets.  A lot of the sewing was done on my serger but some was done on my Janome 3160, which I bought with my serger (it was a 2-for deal!).  The finishing of the hats was done by hand -- phew -- finished up at Christmas at my Mom's.  All that sewing made my machine DIRTY!!!!  So it was more than time to clean it out with my vacuum.

Just like replacing a dull rotary cutter blade makes cutting a breeze, cleaning out your feed dogs and bobbin case make your sewing machine work better -- so clean yours monthly if not more often!

Monday, January 27, 2014

This and That

So much to catch up on!  I bought a Janome Serger back in September and I've been putting it to work ever since!  I found these two Coca-Cola crates at the Detroit Mercantile for $30 each.  At first I had to think on them but I decided they'd be perfect for holding the serger cones -- don't they look terrific?!

Tonight I was warming up some barbecued chicken for dinner that I made last night.  Unfortunately it was terribly hot and I spilled the dish onto my left forearm.  Like a dip-pity-do I practically stared at it while it burned the dickens out of me!  I rinsed it off, called Maggie over to clean up the floor, and then grabbed my lunch bag chiller from the freezer and set it on my arm.  I'm applying some Mary Kay Sun Care After Sun Replenishing Gel, taking an analgesic and going to bed.

I worked from home today because the roads were so bad but tomorrow I expect I'll be heading in, despite the terribly cold weather we're expecting.  Can't wait.

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Winter Hiatus is Over!

I have been away for a long time, haven't I??  Life has been busy and good -- a nice combination.  I've been working hard at work and at play.  The weather has been miserable and contributing to much stress on my commute.  I've been sewing A LOT!  I'll be posting pictures in the next couple of days -- I promise.  For now I wish you a Happy New Year -- good health and happiness to you all.  Thanks for giving me a poke Diane!