Sunday, March 29, 2015

Quilt Photos

Earlier this month, local machine quilter Linda Thielfoldt was our speaker at our GLHQ meeting.   Our scheduled speaker backed out and Linda was kind enough to put a lecture together.  Linda is a much-awarded quilter and she brought many of her quilts to share with us.

Linda brought several garments including this wonderful red jacket.

These photos were shot using the Auto setting on my Canon EOS 70D and they turned out pretty well.  Yesterday I went to the IQF in Chicago and I am very disappointed in the photos I took there.  I used the Program setting and many of those photos are out of focus.  Darn.  The handful that turned out well will be posted in the coming days.  Back to the drawing board with my camera.  I think that carrying several bags on my shoulder contributed to me not being still enough to take a quality picture.  I better keep practicing.

Saturday, March 14, 2015

A First Time for my Quilts

Two weekends ago I had four quilts hanging at our GLHQ Quilt Show at the King's Court Castle in Lake Orion.  This was the first time I had I entered any quilts I had made in any quilt show but decided I finally would get up the gumption.  It was great to see them hanging and I even heard some nice compliments from visitors to the show about a couple of them.

Here are two of them:

I missed getting a shot of my president's quilt, darn.

My fourth quilt on display was part of a mini-exhibit of my stitch group's recent red and white quilt challenge.  They sure looked nice hanging together.  Mine is the third one in the first pic:

These are probably the last pictures I'll post from my Samsung camera.  Loving my new Canon and it will go with me whenever I want to take 'good' pictures.

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Stretching it out

My birthday is tomorrow but I started celebrating Friday with dinner out with my friend Sue.  We had delicious Italian food at Trattoria da Luigi here in Royal Oak -- mmmmm.  Sue gifted me with two new pair of scissors from Merchant & Mills along with coil-less pins -- looking for to using all of it soon.

Yesterday I had dinner with my son, using my free birthday dinner certificate at Lockhart's Barbecue -- mmmm, mmmm good.

I've been reading up on my new camera, a Canon EOS 70D, and played around a bit with the default auto focus setting.  There is so much to learn about this camera.  One really cool feature is that you can load the Canon app onto your smartphone, set up the WiFi on the camera, and actually take a picture using the camera by clicking on the app -- crazy!!

Today I had lunch with Holly's family at the Rain Forest Cafe.  My grandson is still not too sure about the motorized alligator or even the 'thunderstorms' that occur every 20 minutes there.  We all had a super time, though he did have a meltdown when he didn't get to take home every toy he picked up in their store.  Hard lessons to learn at age 3 1/2.

I got a few nice pictures in my first outing with my camera.  Makes me want to just click away.

Pardon the 'chewing with my mouth open' pic:

Miss Lilly is getting so big.  Over 20 pounds at 8 months, with at least 6 teeth that I could see.

One of the fish in the restaurant's aquarium:

My Mom was always the family photographer.  She adored taking pictures, going back to the Polaroid days.  I am really missing her on this first birthday without her.  She would love my new camera and the fine pictures it takes.  I miss sharing all this with her.