Sunday, March 29, 2015

Quilt Photos

Earlier this month, local machine quilter Linda Thielfoldt was our speaker at our GLHQ meeting.   Our scheduled speaker backed out and Linda was kind enough to put a lecture together.  Linda is a much-awarded quilter and she brought many of her quilts to share with us.

Linda brought several garments including this wonderful red jacket.

These photos were shot using the Auto setting on my Canon EOS 70D and they turned out pretty well.  Yesterday I went to the IQF in Chicago and I am very disappointed in the photos I took there.  I used the Program setting and many of those photos are out of focus.  Darn.  The handful that turned out well will be posted in the coming days.  Back to the drawing board with my camera.  I think that carrying several bags on my shoulder contributed to me not being still enough to take a quality picture.  I better keep practicing.

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~ beautiful quilts ;-D