Saturday, April 11, 2015

IQF Chicago 2015 Photos

I mentioned the other week that the photos I took with my new Canon camera at the quilt show in Chicago left me feeling rather dejected.  I haven't figured out what I did wrong yet but I have a few ideas.  I was carrying the sling bag for the camera, my cross body purse and a very heavy tote on my shoulder containing several books and fabric.  My guess is I was moving too much to take a good photo while trying to balance all those bags.  Lesson learned.  A tripod would have been very helpful but not very convenient in a show of that size with all those people.  Back to the drawing board.

I'm taking a photography seminar next week and I hope to be able to get some answers from the professionals.  In the meantime, here are some of the better photos and a few not-so-good ones.

One of the main exhibits for the show was a large Red & White display.  They were beautiful and made me even sorrier that I missed the original showing in New York City a few years ago.  Besides the large hanging quilts there was a grouping in the center of four sections of miniature quilts.

Loved them all.  I do believe my stitch group's red and white challenge quilts could easily have been included in the exhibit, but alas, we did not know.

Here are a few other quilts I enjoyed....

Yes, these were 1/2" strips of SILK!!!  So sad that the maker is UNKNOWN :(

Yes, these really were 1/4" strips -- amazing!!!!!  Again, how sad that we do not know the maker.

I am always tempted to yank the wayward threads off of quilts, but I resist...

So the next time I'm at a show I will try to shoot pictures that are actually IN focus.  Arghh.

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Anonymous said...

~ nice quilts.. I luv the blue/white ;-D