Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Mom's China Cabinet

I'm getting things moved around my house in preparation of the shipment of my new Juki TL2200 QVP sit down machine.  This past weekend I moved things around in Kevin's old bedroom and sorted out various sewing projects.  Ugh, way too much in progress.  Today while I was at work I got to thinking about that room.  Hmmm, should the China cabinet really be in the living room instead of a quilting/sewing room?  I've been meaning to downsize from a queen bedroom set to a twin bedroom set.  After work today I headed to Art Van in Royal Oak but the bedroom set I want won't be available until mid May.  Can I wait that long????  Maybe I'll move into the smaller bedroom and use the bigger room for my quilting/sewing room........

Once I got home I decided it was not appropriate for my Mom's China cabinet to be in my sewing room so I moved it out to the Living Room, moving the bookcase in its spot into the sewing room.
I feel like it has assumed its rightful place in my home.  I have sooooooo many books.  My large bookcase in the hallway may be finding a new home shortly.

In the meantime, I finished sewing the binding onto the quilt for my boss, who's expecting his first child in June.  We're having a shower for him on Friday and I am actually ahead of schedule -- whoohoo!  I will launder the quilt tomorrow with a Color Catcher for sure -- there's too much red to wash without them!

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Anonymous said...

~ great spot for China cabinet! ;-D