Tuesday, July 29, 2014

The Last of the GAAQG Show Pics

Here are the last of my pictures from the GAAQG show.

These are smaller projects and they are probably the ones I enjoyed the most.  I like the way a small project can be artsy.

Monday, July 28, 2014

GAAQG Show Part II

As promised here are a few of the Modern quilts I enjoyed seeing at the Ann Arbor show last Saturday.  The first quilt was part of the 'general  population' of quilts, while the rest were a special exhibit by the Ann Arbor Modern Quilt Guild.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

GAAQG Show Part1

Yesterday I went over to Ann Arbor on my day off of work -- I KNOW, why would I do that when I already do that Monday - Friday.  The Greater Ann Arbor Quilt Guild held its biannual quilt show and I wanted to see the quilts and check out the vendors.  After going to the AQS show in Paducah I think I'm spoiled because while there were several wonderful quilts none knocked my socks off and made me want to study them.  My friend Kathy says she's never seen anyone study quilts at a show like I do.

Here are a few of my favorite quilts:

That's it for now.  Look for the Modern Quilts tomorrow.

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Leaders and Enders

What are Leaders and Enders???  If you're fans of Bonnie Hunter you already know.  They're two pieces of leftover scraps fabrics that you sew together before and after the 'real' pieces you're sewing.  Hmmm.  Not really sure that's clear to anyone not familiar with her technique.  The great thing about Bonnie's process is that you're actually making two completely different projects at the same time.  Hmmm.  Not sure that helped either.  Try reading about it on Bonnie's Blog.

I was working on a covert project today and had come across a little cigar box of leftover half-square triangles from a project I can't seem to recall.  It'll come to me later, probably as I'm falling asleep tonight.  I have a modest pile so far that I'm envisioning as a miniature half-square triangle quilt, perhaps a doll quilt.

I pressed them all open:

All except for this boo-boo block:
Time for the seam ripper....

I really like the idea of getting these little pieces sewn together without becoming horribly, horribly bored, since I'm doing them a little at a time.  Now I'm on to my next deadline, and the next one after that.  Hope I can get some measurable sewing time each night this week after I get home from work.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014


Do you ever wonder if you've done what you were meant to do?  I like my job but there are so many times I think I was meant to do something else.  Pisces people are natural helpers.  We want to make things better.  When I was thinking about college as a young woman I thought I wanted to be a music therapist.  Ever the optimist I thought I could make the world a better place by sharing my love of music in the form of therapy.

That went by the wayside quickly as I got married and had my son, AKA the roommate.  My self-fulfillment was stymied by my ex and I began to think believe I was worthless.  It's not easy to believe you are worthy in a situation like that.  Every time I see my ex I have the urge to grind my body into the ground.  I have to constantly remind myself how much better off I am without him and how far I've come on my own.  I dread every instance where we're together.  He never misses an opportunity to minimize me.

Bitter?  No, it's the way it is.  Last week on my granddaughter's birthday my ex made a big point of kissing and hugging my daughter's MIL and saying 'always a pleasure' but to me all he could muster was a less-than-genuine congratulations.  Woop-de-damn-do.  Truly, if I could get through the rest of my life without ever seeing a single outlaw I would be so happy.  So very happy.

Monday, July 7, 2014

New and Improved...At Last!

When I get sewing on a project I seldom take care of the fabric scraps once I'm done.  I'd love to say I'm turning over a new leaf, but......

I did, however, spend the bulk of this past Holiday weekend cleaning up my Craft Cave.  You can see the before pictures in my last post.  I still have a big pile of scraps to 'deal with' by either pressing them and cutting them into strips or squares for a future scrap quilt project, a la Bonnie Hunter, or they will meet their demise in the circular file.  I'm trying to be ruthless.  I have a few bags of garbage and a bag of various items for the Salvation Army folks.

Without further adieu, here are the post-apocalyptic photos:

I have a small space to work with so I don't have any problem maximizing it by using vertical space as you can see with the colorful project boxes on top of the Expedit cubicle.  I can't tell you how many trips I made up and down my step ladder, ridding myself of the foam pieces that were in the corner (meant for needle felting but they really didn't work out), evaluating the ancient projects in the plastic boxes, and reorganizing them alphabetically.  Previously they were mixed by color.  I know, if I was truly anal I'd rearrange the contents in the proper color box but that's a project for another day.  Maybe.  OK, probably.

Below you can actually see the floor register below the white table -- that means the cool air in summer and warm air in winter will actually impact the temperature of the room -- what a concept!  Now that I can find the serger, I can get cranking on a few quick sewing projects.  Next to it are two containers of thread (including a Stanley tool box) and a three-drawer bin of various and assorted floss/Perle Cotton.

Here's my serger thread/AccuQuilt Go table:
The closet behind the table contains all sorts of wonderful wool, much of it hand-dyed -- scrumptious!

I put this pantry organizer on the back of my door to hold various and sundry items.  I struggle to remember that I put things there since the door is usually open -- where did I put that rotary cutter, webbing, etc??

On the side of the Expedit I hung some 3M Command hooks to hold some of my various rulers:

I wish all of my rulers had a hole to hang them by.

I love when my room is orderly.  It makes it so much easier to be creative.  I don't have to scrounge for tools or fabric.  My next 'spare time' project will be to fold the fabric in the cubes using the magazine backer boards.  In the mean time, I've got a few pressing quilting projects to tackle -- chop, chop!

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Clean Up Time

Plans, plans, plans.  I ended up going out to see Lilly Mae yesterday as Holly and Mike felt they needed a 'guest-free' day today.  This has completely disrupted my Craft Cave clean up project but I expect that tomorrow will see some serious progress.  Here are a couple of pictures of the room as it appeared yesterday.  I have no shame.  Pulling fabric out for this project and that has resulted in piles of half-used fabric and a big headache for me.  Tomorrow is another day, right Scarlett??

There is hope for me yet.

Friday, July 4, 2014

Holiday Weekend and Lilly Pics

We have a nice long weekend here in the U.S. to celebrate our independence, barbecue, and visit family.  I'll be heading out to visit my new granddaughter tomorrow and I cannot wait.  But in the mean time I've got some chores around the house to do.  I need to clean the windows on the outside that haven't been cleaned in a long time.  Last summer was terrible road construction and house construction so there was no point to washing the windows.

I also am cleaning my Craft Cave and organizing my wayward fabric collection.  It is amazing how quickly it becomes a disaster area.  Sure wish I could wave a wand and it would be magically cleaned for me!  I want to be organized so I don't feel such anxiety walking into the room.  Do you ever feel that way?  Anyhow, getting my work done today so I can enjoy the rest of the weekend.

Here are a few pictures I took at the hospital of my beautiful new granddaughter, Lilly Mae, and her proud parents, Holly and Mike.  Can't wait to see them again!

I hope you have a wonderful weekend -- relax or work hard, whichever makes you happiest!