Sunday, July 31, 2011

Bathroom Update

No matter how much I get done on the weekend it's never enough.  I always wish for one more day to get things in order.  Unfortunately it's going to take a month of Sundays to clean up my house.  I've got the bathroom in order now.  I picked up more towels from Bed, Bath & Beyond today -- washed them up and put them away on the new shelf unit.  See if you can see the difference between the first picture and the second one:

Yep, new brown towels and I exchanged the brown cart for the satin nickel shelf unit.  Much better profile in the bathroom and while I did think about keeping the brown cart for other purposes (craft cave storage possibly???) I decided to return it and buy more towels and this corner stand for Kevin's Aveeno bath stuff:

I had a rewards card to use at Office Depot by today so I picked up a few things including 60 watt bulbs for the light fixture (100 watts x 3 bulbs = too much light and heat!)

and this night light:

One of the nice features of the night light is that it will go on in the event of a power outage.  If it works OK I'll pick one up for my Mom.  The nightlight part on the bottom seems a bit dim but the flashlight part is very strong.

I still need a window treatment and a little glass shelf for the window wall and that should finish the bathroom.

I'm pretty discouraged by all the cleaning I have yet to do.  Every time I turn around I find more filth.  The bookcase near the bathroom is loaded with fabric and various sewing notions.  I hardly know where to begin.  I guess it will have to wait for one evening later this week.  If only I had more hours in the day.............

Four weeks later my old bathtub is still in my backyard, resting against my fence.  I've given up on my contractors and now my roommate will hopefully get a buddy to help him load it into his pickup truck and take it to the recycler.  What an eyesore.

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Charlevoix Fiber Festival

This weekend I've got a lot of cleaning and laundry to do.  So much dirt left behind by the bathroom makeover.  Ugh.

But last weekend was the Charlevoix Fiber Festival and it did not disappoint.  I think I've been going for about 5 years now.  I was on a mission to find some yellow wool for a commissioned felted purse I need to make, plus just the right button to go with the bag.  I think I found both.  While I was there I stopped to see several vendors I know:
Yarn Hollow owner Rita Petteys and her booth below 

Kris Miller of Spruce Ridge Studios:

Suzanne Higgs of Hooked on Felt:

And finally Deb McDermott of Stonehedge Fiber Mill:

It was a lot of fun seeing friends there.  I saw my Chicken friend Diane there and my knitting friend Kim, too.  I was very restrained in my purchases leaving with only 5 skeins of yarn and a bunch of buttons!  I can never resist a pretty button.

So now I'm off to do some more cleaning before heading over to the yarn shop to see the girls.  I don't think I've been in for a month!

Friday, July 29, 2011

You Never Forget

While it may be true that once you learn you never forget how to ride a bike, that doesn't necessarily mean it comes easily.  I took up cycling when I was going through my divorce, nearly 20 years ago.  I rode plenty as a youngster -- that's how we got where we wanted to go back then.  Then one day my nearly-ex husband started whistling the Wicked Witch of the West song as I rode past him and that was it -- I was determined to ride like the wind.  The year I was divorced I logged several thousand miles on my bike.  I completed a handful of metric century tours, which is 62 miles each, and even one full century ride - 100 miles.  I was so proud of myself.  But then, like Forrest Gump and his running, I just stopped riding.

No one will ever confuse me with a bicycle racer -- I never wanted to go fast, just far.

At the urging of my friend Mary, I took my nearly new but dusty, flat tired Trek bike in for a tune up.  I had only ridden it twice and the second time I came close to being hit by a van, crashed to the ground and broke the mirror on the handlebars.  I rode the bike home, put it in my neighbor's garage to gather dust, and didn't drag it out until Tuesday.  I brought it home tonight and took it for a spin.  After adjusting the seat and trying to re-familiarize myself with all of its nuances, I headed up my street.  One mile later and another near collision with an impatient car, I pulled back up to my neighbor's garage and set my bike in the corner.  I told Helen I'd be getting it out again, often I hope. 

I don't know if I want to do really long rides again but it could be just what I need to get in my daily exercise.  So far on the 17 Day Diet I've lost 12 pounds.  Which is really like 17 pounds because every time I go to Denise's on vacation I end up gaining 5 pounds.  I know, faulty reasoning, but that's my story and I'm sticking to it!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Oh How I Hate Change

Tomorrow is the last day for three members of my team at work plus one gal leftover from the Delphi Team.  I truly hate change.  I hate for people to lose their jobs.  I hate to lose their expertise.  Mostly I will hate not having them in my life.

To make matters worse, their replacements are no where near the same caliber.  Remember - you get what you pay for.  Cheaper is not always better.  As if this wasn't enough, the person I'm assigned to work with has me in a complete panic.  Several years ago I had a very unhappy period at work and now I'm afraid I'll be working alongside a person who is also a bad fit for their position.  The new person, like the old one, takes notes including word for word what is said, but does not absorb a single thought, asking the same question four times over, and still not registering what is said.  She does not 'own' her job and does not seem engaged.  It is déja vu all over again.  

I walked out to my car tonight, shaking my head, wondering how I can use the past experience to make the new one work better.  Since mine is a virtual job I don't have the luxury of being face to face to get my point across or to 'read' the other person for cues.  This will definitely be one of my biggest career challenges.  I just hope I'm up to it.

Oh Lord, give me strength and wisdom to make it through this.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Wedding Photos

I'm giving up on the movie post from two days ago.  I can get it to work but some people can't (thanks Tracey!) so here are the photos instead:

Be sure to click on each collage to see the photos up close!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Charlevoix Venetian Festival 2011

After dinner out with Denise & Mike and four of their friends on Friday, we sat out on their deck and were entertained by the fireworks:

Monday, July 25, 2011

Carla and Jeff's Wedding

ETA -- Not sure why the original link didn't work, but this one should do the trick!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Vacation Post #3

Well, I'm home.  I wish I was still up north.  My roommate has left the house a mess.  We're going to have a serious talk tomorrow.  I don't even know where to start cleaning.

My laundry is caught up and I need to go to bed early because tomorrow will be a catch-up day at work.  I bet I have dozens of emails to read and meetings to prepare for.  This is going to be a tough week as we finish up with one consulting team and switch to a new one.  Wish me luck!

I'll try to get some photos posted in the coming days of both the wedding and my vacation.  Stay tuned!

Friday, July 22, 2011

Vacation Post #2

I'm going to be sore tomorrow!  How can I be so sure?  Because today I went kayaking with Denise and Mike, something I haven't done in years.  It was really nice today, not as hot as yesterday, and it felt wonderful out on the water. 
I've got to get ready for dinner out and later we'll watch the fireworks.
Tomorrow I'm off to the Charlevoix Fiber Festival  and then dinner out again.  Yes, it IS a tough life!  :-D

Monday, July 18, 2011

Vacation Post#1

My niece Carla's wedding was spectacular on Saturday and I had a wonderful time.  The food was positively the best - filet mignon, whitefish, and risotto to DIE for!  I had lost 9 pounds so far on the 17 day diet so far so I'm trying to be good.  I was a dancing fool - the band was marvelous.
I'm using my phone again for this post so I can't post pictures but will when I can.
Right now I'm sitting in the parking lot of the motel that Kevin and I stayed at, hoping they can find his glasses. Yep, so typical.
This afternoon I'm driving my niece Erica and her boyfriend Tommy to the airport and then stopping to see my friend Jackie, who is on the mend from back surgery.
Hope you have a great week.  I'll write again when I can! :-D

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Bathroom Reveal

I've got lots of photos of the bathroom remodel and here are a few of the 'in progress' shots:

And here are the 'after' shots.  I still need to buy new towels, etc. and accessorize but I'm so happy it's finally done.  11 days, but who's counting?!

All in all, I'm pretty pleased.  It's so nice to have a sink where the stopper actually works, walls that meet at 90º angles in the corners, and a tub that's not peeling.

My shower this morning was so rewarding and I look forward to taking a bath soon.  For now, I've got to finish getting my knitting projects ready for my vacation.  The rigid heddle loom is already in the car along with the scarves I've woven so far to show my sister.

I'm heading off to pack my clothes and hit the sack.  I'll be gone for about 10 days so I'm not sure if I'll be posting much.  I'm taking my laptop with me so I just might.  If not, have a great weekend and week ahead! 

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Done, Done, Diddley Done !!

Prayers have been answered -- the bathroom is now complete!  Now I have all the clean up to do and reorganize everything.  Where the heck is the hand soap?  Where did I put the toothpaste??

Guess what I'm doing tomorrow morning?  Yep, taking a nice hot shower -- woohoo!!

I hope to post some pictures of the bathroom tomorrow.  Then it will be time to pack for the wedding and my vacation.  I still need to do so many things:  get a manicure/pedicure, wax the eyebrows, take up the straps on the dress for the wedding, finish the laundry, get the knitting projects together.  Oh, my!!  I've gotta get a good night's sleep tonight.  I'll be excited for my trip tomorrow night and that means a restless night's sleep.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Do Overs

No luck finishing the bathroom tonight.  A new leak popped up with the bathtub faucet tonight.  Then I noticed he had nearly gone through the wall from the bathroom to my wool closet in the craft cave.  Then the bathroom door wouldn't close when he re-hung it.  Ugh.

But I know the feeling.  I've started, ripped back, re-knit, ripped back, re-knit, ripped out completely and am re-knitting the same felted hat this week.  Must be contagious......

Monday, July 11, 2011

If Only

If only I could get to my craft cave I would be able to use my computer to write this post instead of my smartphone.  But there's actually a good reason why I can't.  The door to the room is covered with plastic to keep the drywall dust out and my yarn trapped behind the door!
Now, if I could, I would be showing you a lovely photo of my new bathtub.  But that will have to wait for another day -- so sorry.  I'm really hoping everything gets finished tomorrow  -- the end is in sight!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Hot Sunday

Today is supposed to be a scorcher outside - 90ºF.  I went outside early to do a little weeding and out of nowhere it started to rain -- so odd with the sun shining brightly.

Thanks to everyone who offered advice on my shoes for the wedding.  Unfortunately there were no size 6 1/2s in any of the navy shoes.  Yesterday I went to Famous Footwear, nothing, Kohl's, nothing even remotely attractive, Nordstrom, nothing I could afford, and finally back to Macy's, where I found the winner:

 They are reasonably comfortable but I'll probably still bring some flats in case I decide to be a dancing fool!

The bathroom project is moving along, although there is one snaffu that's gotta get fixed.  When he changed out the pipes under the house, he messed up.  Hot lines are cold, and cold lines are hot!  I hope that's not the case in the bathroom since the drywall has been taped and mudded.  I guess that's his problem, right?  The bathtub tile is up and looks sweet.  I should have more pictures to show you once the grout is in.  Depending on what happens with the pipes, they were hoping to get the walls sanded and painted, plus put down the floor tile -- we'll see.

P.S.  Happy Birthday to my sister Denise!!!!

Friday, July 8, 2011

Slow Progress

Things didn't look much better when I got home from work last night.  Still no running water.  Still bare walls exposed.  Hot as the dickens -- 81ºF because they had to turn off the furnace to install the copper water lines.  I thought I was going to blow a gasket.

But....when the going gets tough, the tough go shopping!  I bolted out of the house and made my way over to DSW to peruse their vast array of shoes.  Even THEY were under construction!  Here's a few of the shoes I spotted:

Don't worry -- the first four shoes were never candidates.  I need a short heel for my dress and who am I kidding?  I'd probably tip over and leave my dancing partner in the lurch.

I like each of the four below and would choose #8 if I was looking for comfort alone. 




But this is a fancy wedding so I need a spiffy shoe -- something more like #6 or #7.  What's your preference for a midnight blue beaded floor length dress??  Ok, it's not really floor length on the intended wearer but it is for me!

Thursday, July 7, 2011


Four days into this bathroom overhaul project and I'm definitely worn out.  Things did not go well yesterday and very long story short -- I spent the night at the Red Roof Inn near my office.  I checked in behind a 'working girl' and wearily made my way up to my room.  At least I had a nice hot shower today, first one since Sunday.  I'm truly hoping to see better progress when I get home from work tonight.

I'm tired of hunting for the things I took out of the bathroom.  I'm tired of all the filth - insulation, dirt - all over the furniture.  I'm tired of tripping over tools, equipment and supplies for the bathroom spread out on every available space.  I'm really tired of runs to Home Depot spending hundreds more than I expected.  I'm tired of brushing my teeth and washing my hair in the kitchen sink.  I'm just plain tired.  There, that feels better.  If I hadn't been so tired last night I probably would have had a good cry.

It's going to get better.  Right?

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Nasty Tuesday

I'm really dreading going to work today.  We're having an all-day conference call to discuss the transfer of work from one contractor to another.  If I've said it once, I've said it a hundred times -- I hate change!  I have built a great rapport with the team that will be losing their job at the end of the month.  I don't have a say in the matter so I will just have to wear my big girl panties today and try to get through it.  I'm hoping I can stay on 'mute' for most of the call.

I'm also hoping that Maggie can behave herself while the contractors are working on the bathroom while I'm at work.  Yesterday she nipped the contractor's hand -- bad, bad girl.  Last night the bathroom looked unbelievably bad after he removed the tile and tore out the drywall.  PRAY FOR ME !!!!

Monday, July 4, 2011

Sunday, July 3, 2011

So much for plans....

I worked all morning to clear out my bathroom and guess what?  The contractors did not show up.  I had called my Mom to ask if Maggie and I could spend the night and she said 'yes' of course.  So here are some 'before' pictures so you can appreciate the 'after' pictures, whenever that may be..

I had that bathtub refinished and it started looking bad almost instantly.  This time I'm replacing the whole tub.

Doesn't look so bad, right?  Well, here's how it looks after I removed most everything:

And here's the dreadful ceramic tiling, breaking up around the toilet: 

Ugh.  So darn ugly - it has to go.  

While watching the Tigers' game and getting more and more annoyed as time went by, I eventually got a call.  I didn't recognize the number so I waited for the voicemail.  It was a long, sad story from my contractor but in the end they said they'd be here tomorrow at 9 am instead.  Arrrrgggghhhhh!

Instead of sulking, I picked out some Berroco Ultra Alpaca yarn from my stash, wound it into center pull balls and starting knitting a hat.

After dinner, I decided to speed the bathroom project up a bit by taking out as much tile as possible.  Some came willingly and some, not so.  The rest is up to them tomorrow.  I sure hope they make some big progress since we lost today.  Now it's time for bed.  Busy day coming up tomorrow.