Friday, July 8, 2011

Slow Progress

Things didn't look much better when I got home from work last night.  Still no running water.  Still bare walls exposed.  Hot as the dickens -- 81ºF because they had to turn off the furnace to install the copper water lines.  I thought I was going to blow a gasket.

But....when the going gets tough, the tough go shopping!  I bolted out of the house and made my way over to DSW to peruse their vast array of shoes.  Even THEY were under construction!  Here's a few of the shoes I spotted:

Don't worry -- the first four shoes were never candidates.  I need a short heel for my dress and who am I kidding?  I'd probably tip over and leave my dancing partner in the lurch.

I like each of the four below and would choose #8 if I was looking for comfort alone. 




But this is a fancy wedding so I need a spiffy shoe -- something more like #6 or #7.  What's your preference for a midnight blue beaded floor length dress??  Ok, it's not really floor length on the intended wearer but it is for me!


Courtney said...

I think I like #6 the best! How do the young girls wear those other "shoes"? Yikes!

Anonymous said...

i think #6 is more spj! ;-D

SusanQuilter said...

I also like #6--timeless classic & looks comfortable (as heels go).

Katy Koelb said...

OK, going against the grain here, but #7 is my favorite and I predict, to be more comfy as it has less openings on the side of the foot. Way better if you want to dance. Also, the "kitten" heel on #6 is quite trendy. #7 is truly timeless. Whatever you choose, have fun!

harriet said...

Ohhhh, the thought of wearing heels!!!

Think I like #6, but #7 isn't bad either. Whichever feels more comfortable should be what you buy.

I had to laugh at the first shoes you showed. I couldn't quite believe you would wear one of them. LOL.

kpultzdesign said...

I'm with Katy. I like #7 too. Like the shape of the heel, and that there is a better strap on the instep side to the back of the heel. Love the pleats across the toe too—I like the symmetry.