Friday, July 1, 2011

More Hats

Today I finished knitting another hat to be fulled in the washer:
This one was Wool Pak wool from New Zealand in a nice shade of Lavender.  I used two strands and size 13 needles so it knit up quickly.  Below is a photo of the hat I knit up last week.  That yarn is a nice black/gray/white yarn from Universal Yarns. 

Besides knitting tonight, I managed to get some big honking bruises on my shin when my shopping cart fell out of my minivan when I opened the back gate.  Ow, ow, ow.  I knew it would leave a mark but I didn't realize loss of skin on my shin would be involved too.  I did this while loading up my car and Kevin's truck with all my show gear -- tent, racks, carts, tubs -- and taking it to a storage facility nearby.  I'm glad to have it out of my neighbor's garage.  I've been imposing for far too long.  Maybe moving those things out of his garage will make it easier for us to use his basement bathroom next week when our bath is undergoing its transformation.

I also called the new veterinarian's office down the street from me tonight.  I wanted to see how much they charge for dental cleanings.  Total damage:  about $150.  How does that sound to you?  I also asked about boarding fees, since we'll be heading up north for my niece's wedding in two weeks.  They only charge $16 per night, which seems reasonable, so I think we'll be doing that.

Tomorrow I'll be tidying things up in the house, making room for supplies, and starting to demolish the floor tiles in the bath.  I can hardly wait.

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