Sunday, July 10, 2011

Hot Sunday

Today is supposed to be a scorcher outside - 90ºF.  I went outside early to do a little weeding and out of nowhere it started to rain -- so odd with the sun shining brightly.

Thanks to everyone who offered advice on my shoes for the wedding.  Unfortunately there were no size 6 1/2s in any of the navy shoes.  Yesterday I went to Famous Footwear, nothing, Kohl's, nothing even remotely attractive, Nordstrom, nothing I could afford, and finally back to Macy's, where I found the winner:

 They are reasonably comfortable but I'll probably still bring some flats in case I decide to be a dancing fool!

The bathroom project is moving along, although there is one snaffu that's gotta get fixed.  When he changed out the pipes under the house, he messed up.  Hot lines are cold, and cold lines are hot!  I hope that's not the case in the bathroom since the drywall has been taped and mudded.  I guess that's his problem, right?  The bathtub tile is up and looks sweet.  I should have more pictures to show you once the grout is in.  Depending on what happens with the pipes, they were hoping to get the walls sanded and painted, plus put down the floor tile -- we'll see.

P.S.  Happy Birthday to my sister Denise!!!!

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