Thursday, July 7, 2011


Four days into this bathroom overhaul project and I'm definitely worn out.  Things did not go well yesterday and very long story short -- I spent the night at the Red Roof Inn near my office.  I checked in behind a 'working girl' and wearily made my way up to my room.  At least I had a nice hot shower today, first one since Sunday.  I'm truly hoping to see better progress when I get home from work tonight.

I'm tired of hunting for the things I took out of the bathroom.  I'm tired of all the filth - insulation, dirt - all over the furniture.  I'm tired of tripping over tools, equipment and supplies for the bathroom spread out on every available space.  I'm really tired of runs to Home Depot spending hundreds more than I expected.  I'm tired of brushing my teeth and washing my hair in the kitchen sink.  I'm just plain tired.  There, that feels better.  If I hadn't been so tired last night I probably would have had a good cry.

It's going to get better.  Right?


harriet said...

Suzanne - if you need a place to stay - call. I'm close and have hot water!

Courtney said...

Nothing like gutting a room to make you feel as if you're gutted too! Hang in there and keep dreaming of that wonderful bathroom. Hope you're up and running soon!

Anonymous said...

~goodluck with your bathroom! ;-D