Sunday, July 31, 2011

Bathroom Update

No matter how much I get done on the weekend it's never enough.  I always wish for one more day to get things in order.  Unfortunately it's going to take a month of Sundays to clean up my house.  I've got the bathroom in order now.  I picked up more towels from Bed, Bath & Beyond today -- washed them up and put them away on the new shelf unit.  See if you can see the difference between the first picture and the second one:

Yep, new brown towels and I exchanged the brown cart for the satin nickel shelf unit.  Much better profile in the bathroom and while I did think about keeping the brown cart for other purposes (craft cave storage possibly???) I decided to return it and buy more towels and this corner stand for Kevin's Aveeno bath stuff:

I had a rewards card to use at Office Depot by today so I picked up a few things including 60 watt bulbs for the light fixture (100 watts x 3 bulbs = too much light and heat!)

and this night light:

One of the nice features of the night light is that it will go on in the event of a power outage.  If it works OK I'll pick one up for my Mom.  The nightlight part on the bottom seems a bit dim but the flashlight part is very strong.

I still need a window treatment and a little glass shelf for the window wall and that should finish the bathroom.

I'm pretty discouraged by all the cleaning I have yet to do.  Every time I turn around I find more filth.  The bookcase near the bathroom is loaded with fabric and various sewing notions.  I hardly know where to begin.  I guess it will have to wait for one evening later this week.  If only I had more hours in the day.............

Four weeks later my old bathtub is still in my backyard, resting against my fence.  I've given up on my contractors and now my roommate will hopefully get a buddy to help him load it into his pickup truck and take it to the recycler.  What an eyesore.


Anonymous said...

~was that a whisk in Kev's stuff?

harriet said...

Maybe you could plant flowers in the bathtub?

Suzanne said...

Tracey -- that's to mix up his Aveeno for his baths!

Suzanne said...

Harriet -- thought about a pond and then remembered how standing water attracts mosquitoes and quickly squashed that concept.

Renee said...

Very Nice job Suzanne. It's been 29 years since our last bath remodel. Dreading having to start over but I know it needs updating! Maybe we should leave it for the next owners...That's me--procrastinate until it's no longer needed.