Saturday, April 18, 2015

Impromptu Quilt Show Visit

My day began with my former roommate coming over to take some of his old things from my house to the recycling center -- thank goodness!  Now I can start moving things around his old bedroom so I can make room for my NEW JUKI TL2200 QVP sit down machine, which should be arriving by next Friday.  Woohoo!!  Much more to come on this new addition to my quilting arsenal.  I. Can. Not. Wait.

My friend Mary called to see if I wanted to go to a quilt show today.  Hmm....keep cleaning?  Go to a quilt show?  Of course I said yes.  My friend Sue sent me a text message a bit later about the same show.  The three of us went but each was underwhelmed by the quilts - too bad.  I didn't take any pictures - I think there were only two or three worthy of remembering.  It's sad because this guild used to put on a better show back in the day. 

I didn't buy much from vendors either.  I was able to find the paper piecing pattern that Maggie chewed up last month, damn dog.  I found several things at another vendor, including a kit for a lap quilt including the pattern book for a mere $49.99, marked down from $129.99.  I also bought a foldable fan, a cute ladybug scissor/pin/bobbin holder, and a Moda Bump to Baby jelly roll for $24.99.

Now I'm back to cleaning up Kevin's old room.  Sorry to say he never was a tidy guy and there is so much dust it's choking my vacuum!

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Store Closing

A local quilt shop, Kindred Spirits, announced last week that they were closing for personal reasons.  They opened just last Summer and had become one of my favorite shops -- so many bright, fresh fabrics.  It's always sad to see a shop close, even if it means good savings to shoppers.  I went out there last Saturday with my friend Sue.  It was a bit odd because when we walked in they put our names on a list for cutting fabric.  I've never had that happen before but it worked to keep order with all the shoppers.  Maybe taking a number would have been better, like JoAnn's.  In the end I had to wait for the employee to finish cutting Sue's haul before mine where in reality, they should have had a different employee cutting my bolts at the same time.  Oh well.  

I found a lot of fabric I liked.  Truthfully, there was probably other fabrics I would have bought but the bolts were in other shoppers' stacks and I missed them!  Never fear, I found a lot of great fabric:

These should keep me busy for months to come!

Pixel Heart Quilt

I love this free Heart pattern from Elizabeth Hartman's Oh Fransson! blogsite.  I'm going to have to make this sometime.  It would be great on the back of a baby quilt.  I miss her regular posts -- hope they start back up again.

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Purple Crocus -- Spring is Here!!

I don't have any blooms in my yard yet but last week I snapped a few photos of my neighbor's pretty little crocus.  Playing around a bit with my new camera, a little more successful with flowers!

Saturday, April 11, 2015

IQF Chicago 2015 Photos

I mentioned the other week that the photos I took with my new Canon camera at the quilt show in Chicago left me feeling rather dejected.  I haven't figured out what I did wrong yet but I have a few ideas.  I was carrying the sling bag for the camera, my cross body purse and a very heavy tote on my shoulder containing several books and fabric.  My guess is I was moving too much to take a good photo while trying to balance all those bags.  Lesson learned.  A tripod would have been very helpful but not very convenient in a show of that size with all those people.  Back to the drawing board.

I'm taking a photography seminar next week and I hope to be able to get some answers from the professionals.  In the meantime, here are some of the better photos and a few not-so-good ones.

One of the main exhibits for the show was a large Red & White display.  They were beautiful and made me even sorrier that I missed the original showing in New York City a few years ago.  Besides the large hanging quilts there was a grouping in the center of four sections of miniature quilts.

Loved them all.  I do believe my stitch group's red and white challenge quilts could easily have been included in the exhibit, but alas, we did not know.

Here are a few other quilts I enjoyed....

Yes, these were 1/2" strips of SILK!!!  So sad that the maker is UNKNOWN :(

Yes, these really were 1/4" strips -- amazing!!!!!  Again, how sad that we do not know the maker.

I am always tempted to yank the wayward threads off of quilts, but I resist...

So the next time I'm at a show I will try to shoot pictures that are actually IN focus.  Arghh.

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Quilt Photos

Earlier this month, local machine quilter Linda Thielfoldt was our speaker at our GLHQ meeting.   Our scheduled speaker backed out and Linda was kind enough to put a lecture together.  Linda is a much-awarded quilter and she brought many of her quilts to share with us.

Linda brought several garments including this wonderful red jacket.

These photos were shot using the Auto setting on my Canon EOS 70D and they turned out pretty well.  Yesterday I went to the IQF in Chicago and I am very disappointed in the photos I took there.  I used the Program setting and many of those photos are out of focus.  Darn.  The handful that turned out well will be posted in the coming days.  Back to the drawing board with my camera.  I think that carrying several bags on my shoulder contributed to me not being still enough to take a quality picture.  I better keep practicing.

Saturday, March 14, 2015

A First Time for my Quilts

Two weekends ago I had four quilts hanging at our GLHQ Quilt Show at the King's Court Castle in Lake Orion.  This was the first time I had I entered any quilts I had made in any quilt show but decided I finally would get up the gumption.  It was great to see them hanging and I even heard some nice compliments from visitors to the show about a couple of them.

Here are two of them:

I missed getting a shot of my president's quilt, darn.

My fourth quilt on display was part of a mini-exhibit of my stitch group's recent red and white quilt challenge.  They sure looked nice hanging together.  Mine is the third one in the first pic:

These are probably the last pictures I'll post from my Samsung camera.  Loving my new Canon and it will go with me whenever I want to take 'good' pictures.