Saturday, May 23, 2015

Bedroom Update

If one area of your life is going well there's usually another area that is not so swell.  Work is going pretty well, despite the looming theory that once we have this website where it should be we'll all be out of a job.

My home up-do is still in progress.  To date I have taken 4 large garbage bags of clothing to the Salvation Army store near my house.  Today's haul included over 40 t-shirts, 10 turtlenecks and a bunch of sweaters.  I'm trying to envision the space my new bedroom furniture will provide and scale back to fit that need.  Besides, who in their right mind needs 60 t-shirts anyway.

As I type this post I'm hearing strange noises coming from my refrigerator -- pay no attention.  It will go away if you ignore it.

Today my insert came for my new Gidget table from Leah Day -- woohoo!  Wait, there's no place to set the table up yet - damn.  Premature excitement.

When you're moving things around in a small house, or tiny house as my friend Sue likes to call it, it's hard to shuffle things around and stay happy.  Once my new bedroom is painted properly, the electrician can come back and hang the new super-duper ceiling fan and replace the wall outlets with a clean white version.  Next the furniture either needs to be delivered or I'll have to go get it - whichever is less costly and easier on me, which means I will probably pay to have it delivered from Grand Rapids.  With any luck the new Saatva mattress I ordered will arrive shortly thereafter.  In the meantime I will shop for new bed linens.  Did you know that Costco, my favorite store in all the world, does not carry full sized sheets or mattress pads?????

I'm also trying to decide if I want my floors re-done in my new bedroom.  Kevin's bunk beds took a toll on the floors.

I'll have to think on it.  Looking forward to a good night's sleep.


Anonymous said...

~ really no full size @ Costco?.. I guess I've only purchased twin & queen sizes linens..hope ewe do before & after pics! ;-D

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