Thursday, May 21, 2015

Still Waiting

When someone says they'll call you Monday, Tuesday at the latest, and it's Thursday and you still haven't heard from them, are you getting mad?  Yep.  Still haven't heard from Sewing Machines Plus about my Juki sit down quilting machine and table.  Guess I'll be calling them again tomorrow.  Argh!

Yesterday I had a 'painter' come to the house while I worked at home, to paint my soon-to-be bedroom.  It was a simple task.  A small 10x10 bedroom with a bit of water staining on the window side ceiling.  Ya know what?  It was all downhill from there.  

  • Clue #1. He did his handy work in under 3 hours.  Virtually no Kilz was used, hence the water stains are showing throw the fresh ceiling paint and the old pale blue paint is peeking through the Planetary Silver.  
  • Clue #2 He had to ask if I wanted the picture hooks removed. 
  • Clue #3 He did not remove the cold air return vent so the old light blue paint shines through.
  • Clue #4 The paint on the wall near the ceiling is running in globs down the wall. 
  • Clue #5 After begrudgingly removing the old ceiling fan he capped the wrong wires together with the light switch was on -- shorting out the whole north side of my house when I turned the breaker back on (had to call an electrician to fix that).

If I didn't need it fixed and fixed fast I would probably cry but there's no time for crying.  Bigger fish to fry.  Must. Be. Fixed. Now.

My new bedroom furniture from Custom Cottage will be ready on June 6th.  The painter will be returning from his vacation to Holland on June 6th, hence the need for another option.  I'm hoping my friend Mary's husband can fix it or give me the name of a RELIABLE alternative.

My Mom would tell me two things at this point:  1. You get what you pay for.  2. Cut your losses.

I sure miss her, she would commiserate and tell me 'this too shall pass'.

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