Friday, April 24, 2015

Buffalo Bills Quilt

My list of quilting commitments is slowly decreasing.  Today I gave away a baby quilt to my boss.  I think I scored a couple LOT of points, even got a hug, because I used Buffalo Bills football fabric as the backing.  I didn't have a gift bag so this morning I thought 'hey, I've got a half yard leftover -- I'll whip up a bag'!  And I did.  Sometimes I'm just so thrifty!  
I washed the quilt last night, just in case, and I'm so glad I used two Color Catchers in the wash load.  The white strips in the quilt would certainly have been pink had I not used them.  Here's a picture of the sheets next to an unused white sheet:

Here's the quilt, front, close up of the quilting, and the Buffalo Bills backing:


harriet said...

Beautiful, as usual. Lucky baby.

harriet said...
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Suzanne said...

Thanks Harriet. He was surprised!

Anonymous said...

~ cute quilt! ;-D