Sunday, July 13, 2014

Leaders and Enders

What are Leaders and Enders???  If you're fans of Bonnie Hunter you already know.  They're two pieces of leftover scraps fabrics that you sew together before and after the 'real' pieces you're sewing.  Hmmm.  Not really sure that's clear to anyone not familiar with her technique.  The great thing about Bonnie's process is that you're actually making two completely different projects at the same time.  Hmmm.  Not sure that helped either.  Try reading about it on Bonnie's Blog.

I was working on a covert project today and had come across a little cigar box of leftover half-square triangles from a project I can't seem to recall.  It'll come to me later, probably as I'm falling asleep tonight.  I have a modest pile so far that I'm envisioning as a miniature half-square triangle quilt, perhaps a doll quilt.

I pressed them all open:

All except for this boo-boo block:
Time for the seam ripper....

I really like the idea of getting these little pieces sewn together without becoming horribly, horribly bored, since I'm doing them a little at a time.  Now I'm on to my next deadline, and the next one after that.  Hope I can get some measurable sewing time each night this week after I get home from work.

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Cathy McIntee said...

Like the idea, but have yet to really implement it. On my list....