Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Door to Door Organics

Today's shipment contained a fennel bulb, which I've never used before, and some pomegranates, which I haven't had in decades!  Not sure what I'm doing with either just yet.  Here's what came today:

You might have noticed the package in the last picture.  I ordered something extra this week -- treats for Maggie for Christmas.  I'm stashing the package of organic peanut butter carob dog treats until then.  Door to Door Organics offers several items that aren't produce that you can add to your shipment.  Remember, there's no shipping cost here so it's even better.

Yesterday's post included an offer for 50% off your first shipment if you're one of three selected readers.  That means that if you order a 'small' box like me, which includes items like the pictures above, it would only cost you $16!!  Even if you decide not to continue, and why wouldn't you continue, you're getting a great one-time offer.

So if you're interested and you didn't leave a comment on yesterday's post, head back over there and leave a comment with your email address.  I'll chose this month's winners tomorrow!

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Renee said...

Mmm....fennel. One of my favorites. You can slice it thinly with a mandolin, and use it cold in a salad, or saute it as a side dish with pork. OR stuff some under the skin of a chicken and roast it, or saute it with some turkey italian sausage and serve in sauce with a big pasta, like rigatoni. I usually eat at least 1/4 of it raw while making salad.
I always did love licorice and anise.

Good luck and as Jacques Pepin says, "Happy Cooking!"