Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Plans, shmans

You know how you think you've got a plan and then it all goes kerplooey?  My expectation today was that I would rise out of bed at 8 AM, go the the computer at 9 AM and post for a position at my former employer, MetLife.  I knew a posting for four positions would be going up today so I had my resume ready to go, I only needed to see the posting and then apply.

At 6:15 this morning I woke up, like I often do, to go to the bathroom and take my morning pills.  I stopped by my craft room and sat down at my computer.  I went to the career postings on the MetLife website and my eyes bugged out of my head.  The posting that wasn't supposed to be on the website until 9 AM was already there!  Yikes!  I hurriedly hit the 'apply' button, posted my resume, and attached a cover letter.  Now I just have to sit back and wait.  I sent my first text message to my former manager to let her know I'd applied.

Now you really need to keep your fingers crossed! 

My windshield wipers went bonkers on my Montana yesterday and were stuck in the up position.  Today I went to the Belle Tire store where Holly and Kevin's friend works and got the wipers repaired and a new battery installed.  I knew the battery was on it's last cell but the thing actually died while the mechanics were testing out the wipers.  Good timing for me.  Usually the battery dies in the driveway or some other inopportune time.  Maybe my luck is changing......


Allison said...

Do your chances of getting one of the jobs go up the closer you apply to the time that they were posted? Just curious...crossing my fingers for you!

Suzanne said...

Thanks Allison! The posting was supposed to be open for a short time but no, there was no advantage to being 'first'.