Saturday, August 14, 2010

Hats in Bloom

Yesterday I showed you two hats I had knit from 'Almost Handspun' from Stonehedge Fiber Mill and you saw the size they were unblocked.

Today I present the 'bloomed' hats, both having grown 2+".  Hat #1:

And Hat #2:

These hats grew over 2" in width per side -- so that means they're actually 4+" wider than yesterday!  They'll both fit medium to large heads without being snug.

I finished another felted hat today while visiting the Thrums and Chums rug hooking group that meets in Brighton.  Kate picked me up early today in her new Mini Cooper -- a very fun ride!  We stopped at a Comerica Bank branch in Brighton so I could do some banking for the GLHQ, on our way to the meeting.  

It was really nice to see a lot of the gals that we hooked with in the past.  We've been noticeably absent for a long time due to so many things interfering in our lives.  We both agreed that we need to make the effort each month to make the meetings and might even start up our group again that meets on our side of town.  Maybe, we'll see.  It depends on whether or not our lives slow down a bit and normalcy can return.


kpultzdesign said...

really enjoyed going to thrums & was nice to see everyone, including you. And I when I got home I FINISHED my pillow. yeehaw...when I got home I did the last 5 inches, stuffed the form in (with Pete's help) and sewed it closed. It is lovely...I will have to take photos. On to the next project!!

Suzanne said...

I'm so glad you finally crossed this one off your list. Can't wait to see it!