Friday, August 6, 2010


After a long day at work today, I headed for home on the bus.  I got off at my usual bus stop and started walking toward my house.  Sort of.  My first distraction was a 'super garage sale' sign in front of my neighbors' house.  Curious, I decided to stop by, just for a quick second.  My, oh, my.  There were wonderful things to be had.  All sorts of athletic things - flippers, golf clubs, skis, and more.  I found a weight bench I was sure Kevin would love and for me, a fabulous tripod for my camera -- just what I need to take great pictures for my website (some of you probably don't even realize I have one!).  I went home to get the T&C to haul my loot home and got everything into the house without hurting myself or damaging any walls.  I even tried a couple of sit ups on the bench.  Only a couple.

After dinner at Zumba's I settled in to listen to the Tigers game on the porch and knit for a bit.  I got quite a bit done on this hat:
Two strands of Plymouth Galway Highland Heather wool 

Over 11" done so far today!

which will be fulled soon, but my mind kept wandering back to something I spotted in the day's mail and I couldn't help but open up this:

What a piece of heaven!

Summer used to signal it was time for a different catalog to arrive in the mail.  When I was a child I couldn't wait for the Sears catalog to show up in our mailbox.

My Mom would give each of us girls a budget to spend for back to school clothes and we had to choose wisely to get the most for our money.  We'd carefully make our selections, turning down the corners of the pages with 'our' items, and add up the prices to be sure we came in under budget.

Here are some things my sisters Denise & Renee might have picked out:

What fun that used to be.  Now I get a big kick out of poring over the IKEA catalog, planning, dreaming, trying to keep to my grown-up budget these days.

What's your favorite catalog??

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SusanQuilter said...

At my house, we loved to get the new J.C. Penney catalog & did the same thing--it was sooo much fun! I can still vividly remember some of mew new 'school' clothes. But I'm wondering where on earth you will put a workout bench????? Hope Kevin enjoys it!