Sunday, August 29, 2010

Clean Windows

Today I decided it was time to put that bottle of Windex Outdoor Window Cleaner I bought months ago to use.  Maggie (my dog) goes ballistic with the spraying noise so I made sure she was securely oblivious in Kevin's room.  I washed all of the windows except for the three on the neighbor's side of the house.  I'll wait until they're not home so they won't freak out from the spray.

There are two problems that come with cleaning the windows.

  1. The inside of the windows suddenly look very dirty, something you didn't notice when the outside was dirty.
  2. It will rain.
Both are true today.  But at least they looked nice for a while.

I'm working fast and furious on any project that needs to be felted.  I'm going to visit my Mom on Tuesday and will use her washer to do the deed.  Right now I have 6 hats and three clutches to toss in the washer.  I'm hoping to get at least one more bag done before then.  Any thing else is gravy!

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