Thursday, August 19, 2010

Double Duty

I love finding a product that suits two purposes for one low price.  Today I went out for toilet paper (my roommate doesn't seem to notice when we're low) and I came home with said TP and this:

Looks absolutely refreshing, doesn't it??!!  I'm taking it to the office tomorrow where it will no doubt be emptied out before I know it.  Every day is so tough there.  People constantly worrying, fretting, theorizing about when our last day will come.  Today I was asked if I wanted to know the date we'll be excessed and I said I would.  Truthfully, I'll probably wallow in a bout of self pity for a while but then get it together, work on my resume and figure out how to carry on.  No choice.

For now, I'm doing my best Madame deFarge and knitting away while I can:

This will be another Button hat, similar to the one I showed you yesterday.  The hand spun yarn was done by the same spinner, and once again, is pretty rough.  I'm fairly certain the wool is from Romney sheep but it will soften up once washed with my trusty Head and Shoulders shampoo/conditioner.

I'm off to watch the end of Project Runway for the crazy hat episode.  Wacky.

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