Thursday, August 5, 2010

Daily News

People who know me know that I'm a news junkie.  I feel so out of touch if I haven't seen the local news or watched CNN or listened to WWJ radio.  But there are times when the news is nothing but depressing -- terrible work place shooting, horrific bus accidents, babies being shaken by irresponsible caregivers.

We've had other sad stories in the new lately but they've had positive outcomes.  As cruel as some people are, the good people still outnumber the bad.  There was a lemonade stand run by young girls who were robbed by 2 thugs.  Not only did the community rally to help the girls out but the low-life guys were caught as well.  Another story was about a blind man who was scoped out by two rotten guys who waited for him to come out of a bank before they beat and robbed him.  Neighbors have come together to replace the stolen money and help the man get back on his feet.  Lastly there was a plastic bag tied to a tree, containing beagle pups.  They were rescued and reunited with their mother and they, along with several other dogs discovered nearby, were placed in a temporary shelter, awaiting their forever homes.

Whenever the world looks really bleak we need to remember that there are more of 'us' than there are of 'them', and take whatever comfort we can in that fact.

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