Friday, April 3, 2009

Weekend Tasks

Lately it seems I have more trouble getting everything done that I set out to do on weekends. Making a list is a good start and posting it here means I won't misplace it.
Since today is already April 3rd, I need to give serious effort to starting my taxes. There's always such dread associated with that task. Completing the small business portion is forever daunting. I used free online software last year and probably will give it a go again.
Our whole area is abuzz with the NCAA Final Four men's basketball tournament, especially since MSU made it. I very nearly picked them in my bracket but decided it was an emotional choice. At any rate I really hope they do well and will be tuning in to see them play tomorrow. *Note to self -- pick up beer.
That said, tomorrow I'll have to work out, get in some grocery shopping, clean my living room windows (the smears are unbearable and the drool from Maggie needs to go), and reorganize my craft room. It was such a nicely organized room but things kept creeping in and now it's back to piles all over the place. Even the background behind me is unkempt, noticeable via my new webcam. Darn camera is just too good.
Most importantly, and probably more difficult than doing the taxes, will be my first visit to see my Dad in his memory care facility. I'm planning on heading out after my usual Sunday afternoon knitting with the ladies at Right off the Sheep. I'll time it so I can see his room and have dinner with him at 5 pm. Bringing lots of tissues and trying desperately not to cry in front of him. Wish me luck, better yet, please pray for me.

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