Friday, April 17, 2009

Green Day

No, it's not quite Earth Day, payday or even tax refund day. Instead I'm sharing a couple of green things with you today. I will be working on 'green' projects tomorrow but not tonight.

Here is my Sneaky Sheep Swap.2 gift from Linda, who drew my name. She admitted to being intimidated by knitting for me since she sees me knitting so voraciously. Linda chose a bamboo yarn and a great lace pattern to create her scarf for me. She also told me she appreciates the value of a 'life line' now. If you don't know what that is, leave a comment!

While my new scarf looks lovely on my dress form, it will look much better on me!

And here's a close up of the stitch pattern:

Back when we traveled to the Black Swamp show last month I spotted a divine quilt, used by Briar Rose Fibers, beneath their yarn display. Instantly, I whipped out my camera and fired off a couple of quick pictures.

It added to Chris's display but I sure wanted to nab it to give it it's proper due for the beautiful quilt that it was. Be sure to check out the Briar Rose website if you're not familiar with her yarns. She also carries fabulous ceramic buttons that her sister-in-law makes. I bought several from her to use on my felted bags. I'm quite the button freak, but that will have to be another blog.

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