Saturday, April 25, 2009

Stormy weather

Today was a bright sunshiny day until mid afternoon when the winds that had been blowing all morning brought in storm after storm. Amazingly enough, too quickly for Kevin to get the lawn mowed. Urrrrggghh. The pending storms also prevented me from making my first trip ever to Eastern Market -- maybe next weekend. I did however, partake in the second day of the storewide sale at EweNique Knits. Helping the economy as much as I can plus reducing the amount of yarn the shop needs to inventory. What a great gal I am. :*)

Maggie and I watched the rain pour down and then the pinging of hail began.

Here's the hail that landed on the outdoor mat -- sorry for the less than stellar photo:

Photos through the front door glass combined with a very dark sky don't make for much of a picture but you can see by the white spots we had quite a bit of hail.

Remember how hot I said it was yesterday in my office? Well, apparently it was that hot or worse at the 'home' and Dad decided he'd had enough. So decked out in his PJ bottoms and a T-shirt he summoned my mother to come and get him. Apparently the 'home' could not turn on the air conditioning until May 1st. Well, that's not doing anyone a favor at the 'home' as many of the residents were complaining and suffering from the heat. Dad had a hard time breathing and Mom took him back to their apartment, she said for good. Today Renee and Tim went over to help move all of his belongings back to the apartment. Now the task begins to find an alternative to their existing living arrangement. I still think that having someone come to the apartment to help with his personal needs is the best option. Not to mention, both of them seeing the shrink every couple of weeks.

I know Dad is not well. Thursday when Kevin went out to watch the Red Wings game with Dad, he introduced him to an employee as 'his good friend Pat Mahoney.' He does have a friend by that name but I still don't follow where that came from. Kevin had just been there on Tuesday and there were no problems like that.

I'm guessing there's plenty of stormy weather ahead, in more ways than one.


Amoena said...

What's the breed of that cute dog? I want more pictures of it!

Suzanne said...

Thanks Amoena -- Maggie is a Wire Haired Fox Terrier but I'm certain there's something else in her too. She weighs about 25 pounds -- too big for a purebred. She came from a co-worker who couldn't manage her. She's due for her spring makeover! I'll post more pictures then.