Monday, April 6, 2009


Last night the weather forecast was pretty dismal for today and they were spot on. I hate when they're right that way. I decided to take the bus to work today anyway. On the walk to the bus stop I got horribly splashed by a car traveling too close to the curb. Why, yes, I do believe I uttered something appropriate. Then while standing under a tree, the plops of snow falling willy nilly from the branches managed to land inside the sleeve of my coat. I told the bus driver Clarence to leave the heat on high so I could dry out!
Here is what we had to look at today:

The tree in my front yard was just starting to bud. I'm hoping it will not be adversely affected. Notice the items at the top of the tree? No, not a bird or a nest. It's one of my fellow shopper's plastic bags that will live for another 10 years, no doubt, up in my Japanese Red Maple.

While driving around my neighborhood yesterday I spotted the most divine man:

Isn't he handsome? Strong? Wait, he's an inflatable..............

Time to turn on the big game and crack open a cold beer. GO GREEN, GO WHITE!!!

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