Thursday, April 23, 2009

Read instructions twice, knit once....

Kind of a take off on Norm Abrams' "measure twice cut once" adage. I was knitting on my Hoodie Tunic sleeve today on the bus when I had an unfortunate 'aha' moment. It suddenly occurred to me that I'd been knitting the decreases to the left of the marker incorrectly. The pattern calls for SSK, with instructions to slip the first stitch knit wise, slip the second stitch purl wise and then knit the two together. All this time (first sleeve and now second sleeve) I've been doing the opposite. Now, I thought I liked the look until I actually did it the right way by accident and realized how wrong I had been. About 10" of tinking later I'm back to the beginning of the sleeve.

Some people would have been content with the sleeve as is. After all, it is the underneath part of the sleeve and who in the world would have ever known something was askew. But not me. I would have been bothered by this flaw every single time I put it on. You know what this means, though? Right! I have to re-do the first sleeve too!

Looks like there's no chance I'll have the sleeves done tomorrow. Maybe by next Friday.


Lupie said...

I never read patterns over before starting and I have frogged so many things. I just don't learn.

SusanQuilter said...

Yes, I agree! My green cotton summer sweater (3/4 sleeves) I'm working on, I discovered a mistake in the pattern. Debated, looked, stared, thought....RIBBIT!!!! I'd always know it was there, and I would also be certain other knitter's eyes would go right to it! It's always worth it to do things right!