Sunday, April 26, 2009

No doubt about it

My knitting mojo is BACK! I knit steady all weekend, finishing one felted bag and starting a second one. I'm trying to mix up the colors a bit from the ones that I've done in the past. After 6+ years of making felted bags I need to try some new combinations. One of my customers from last fall led me to think in a whole new way -- everything does not need to be symmetrical. So many times I plan things out to the most minute detail when it's really not necessary. Go with the flow! It's much more freeing.

Here's the bag from yesterday, made from the yarn I bought Friday at EweNique Knits' sale. I used Brown Sheep Bulky in Aubergine and Charcoal Grey. I'll be stockpiling my items to felt to take to my Mom & Dad's next weekend, where I can use their washing machine.

And here are the handles and pocket, to be added following felting:

The handles were done using both yarns and I decided on a 5 stitch I-cord. The pocket is perfect for a cell phone or keys. Many of my customers asked for pockets and while I sold many bags previously sans pockets, I like putting the pockets in as an added touch.

Once done with that bag I began another one using Cascade 220 in perky Lime and Bright Pink. This bag will more of a school tote, named after my daughter Holly, who is a special ed teacher. Yeah Holly!!!!!!

Already about half done, I expect to finish it tomorrow. I'm on a roll!! I need to make about 4 things each week to be stocked up for my fall shows. Phew! In between, of course, is Holly's wedding. Keep reminding me to finish that rug for them. Time's a ticking.

Today was a beautiful day -- mid 80s and full of sunshine. I got my front flower beds weeded. It's so much easier to yank those bad boys out since it rained yesterday. My Columbines are about to burst and the Bleeding Hearts are right on their tail. Haven't inspected my Peonies yet but I have to get that blasted dog to stop using the back flower bed for a potty! Any tips??

Yesterday the stinking ants made their annual return to my kitchen. This year I was quick to put the traps out. They look like a bunch of drunken sailors, barely able to make it back to their nests. Score one for the Joneses.


SusanQuilter said...

Good work! I'm really sorry i missed the Ewenique Knits Sale--we were out of town for the 60th anniversary/family reunuion...too bad the sale was only Fri/Sat....

Suzanne said...

You missed a good one! I stocked up on show yarn, nothing personal. I told Marilyn how much you're enjoying your Ladybug.