Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Spring is really coming soon, isn't it?

It sure seems like we've zipped right through Spring and are back to Winter, again. It was cold, snowy, blustery all darn day. Added to the forlorn faces of all loyal Spartan fans. We were soundly beaten yesterday by the fired up Tar Heels, but we'll be back next year, just like my flowers.

How about some pictures of my flowers from last year? I'm eager to see them make a comeback. It never fails though, that once my bleeding hearts have risen to a height of 4-6" we get snow and they're left shocked, wondering what they were thinking popping up so soon. I'll snap some shots of them once they begin to bloom. Here are a couple of pictures of both my Columbines and Giant Dahlias:

I'll be working on my photography skills this summer and hope to improve. I think these shots came out pretty well, in spite of me not realizing what all the settings on the camera can do. I sure hope it warms up and I can hunt down more things to shoot this Spring and Summer. We will get past Winter, won't we? Soon???

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