Tuesday, April 14, 2009

BSKG Meeting

Tonight was our Black Sheep Knitting Guild monthly meeting. I was really looking forward to it since I had finished my Sneaky Sheep Swap.2 exchange item. It is a sweet thing too, see what I mean:

And the recipient, Linda, loved it. What's not to love about cashmere???

But unfortunately my evening had the wind knocked out of the sails by hearing that my father has gone back to the 'home'. Wrong on so many levels. I'm so disappointed that my Mother is not even considering getting a home duty caregiver for him. If you had an ingrown toenail would you amputate the whole leg? Potential solutions are not even being considered here. The food at the 'home' was barely summer camp fare. My apologies to any summer camp that actually cared about the food it passed out to campers.

So I came home to this:

And, no, it's not a pile of spaghetti. Rather, it the second skein of cashmere I had to dig into to finish Linda's scarf. I'm going to have to leave this project for a day when my patience has been replenished. Urggghhh.


Amoena said...

The scarf is seriously pretty!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful scarf, Suzanne. I think (maybe) I could attmept that!
So sorry to hear about your dad...how was she able to get him to go back?

Suzanne said...

You most certainly can do that scarf Joyce. It's from the Designer One Skein book. Dad, on the other hand ....long story.

Suzanne said...

Thanks Amoena -- it's a great project and a pretty quick one too!