Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Age is just a number, right?

Today at work I was busy, busy, busy. I started the day by getting a new job title. I went from 'Business Analyst' to 'Technology Liaison Analyst'. Pretty fancy-shmancy. I think I liked the old title better, rolls off the tongue a bit more easily. Someone in our NY corporate office decided we all needed title makeovers. Apparently they're busy too.
The balance of the day was spent helping another department with a huge task they had. While I waited for data to process, I stared out the window watching the clouds zip by. At one point I swear I saw the whole country of Canada with Alaska thrown in for good measure. When I was a young one I loved to lay on my back on the grass and let my imagination go wild with the clouds. Something so insanely simple yet I never take the time to indulge in such mindless activities as an adult. What the heck happened?
Tonight in the local newspaper I saw an article looking for athletes for the Senior Olympics. Good God -- you only have to be 50 and over to participate. I'm nearly there -- scary to think I could be called a 'Senior'. Then again, maybe if I start training harder I can actually compete with these people in two years. I don't want to win, just finish. Maybe get a ribbon?

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