Thursday, April 16, 2009

Ahhh, Spring has returned

The warmth has made a comeback and so have the flowers that were nearly frightened to an early death by last week's nasty snow. Here are some shots of my neighbor Helen's daffodils, which stand like dutiful soldiers in front of her house.

Every yard perks up when the flowers are in bloom. With temperatures in the low 70s this weekend I'll be out in the yard, cleaning up the flower beds, and hopefully re-potting my containers that sit near my front porch. If all goes well, I'll be sitting out on the porch, knitting, and listening to a Tigers game, once my work is done.

Sunday will be a quilting day for the Chicken group at member Kathy's house. We'll be doing a version of the Stack 'n Whack technique. I'll post pictures of those blocks when I get them pieced. I'm hoping the fabric I chose in Charlevoix will work out for this project.

Somewhere during the weekend I'll be heading out to see my Dad. Wherever he may be... seems he complained of chest pains yesterday and was taken from the 'home' to the local hospital by ambulance. Mom didn't call until 5 PM tonight and that was probably only because Kevin was going to go visit his grandfather tonight and watch the Red Wings playoff game together. Irritated? You bet I am. What if it was serious -- shouldn't I at least be given the opportunity to head to the hospital, in case it's the last time? Apparently after several tests they have decided his heart is beating too quickly, which is highly unusual for him -- he's usually got low blood pressure. Funny how this flare up occurred the day after he went back to the 'home'.

Anyhow, I've got to get going on knitting projects for my fall shows. I spent some time tonight selecting a few yarns I want to use to make hats -- nice colorful, chunky yarns. Again, I'll post pictures when they're done.

My award for the dumbest person I saw today goes to: the idiot chick driving during rush hour traffic eating a mini container of yogurt, one arm resting on the steering wheel, the other holding the spoon with which to eat. Egad!

Well, the dryer just beeped, so it's time to fold clothes before heading to bed.....

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