Sunday, April 19, 2009

Great day out

Today was my all day quilting cut-a-thon with the Chicken group at Kathy's house. We were supposed to bring fabric with four repeats to use for a Stack 'n Whack quilt. Ok, so I only brought a yard of fabric that had two repeats -- that's what I get for picking up the fabric before I have the full instructions -- visualize my sad face here. Nixed that choice and Kathy brought out some great tropical bird fabric to use instead. I was the last to do the cutting of my strips and then 3 1/2" squares so I never got to start on the piecing. Lugged my sewing machine over for naught. I knew better. I'm a really poky slow cutter.

I was a slacker at photos again but I did get Diane's fabric before the cutting and then the auditioning of potential piecing of the block.

Kathy made a great lunch for us and we had invited our guild friend Barb over to present her with the quilt we had made for her. Two 1/2 years ago our friend Lissa (and Barb's best friend) was stricken with breast cancer. We made Lissa a quilt and gave it to her just a month before she died. Unfortunately, the vultures in Lissa's dysfunctional family swooped in and took the quilt. Last summer Barb graciously gave much of Lissa's quilting pieces -- unfinished tops, blocks, WIPs -- to our group because she knew we would finish them in Lissa's memory. So, being the quilty people we are, and having received our group name, the Chickens, from Barb, we made here the quilt below. We used mostly reproduction and shirting fabrics in this really sweet quilt and Barb was really pleased.

May 2nd marks the second anniversary of Lissa's death. Have you scheduled YOUR yearly mamm yet?

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