Sunday, November 1, 2009


I'm sure the title of today's post looks like complete gibberish to most people.  I assure you, it does have actual meaning to some, though.

This is the start of National Blog Posting Month.  The goal is to get bloggers to enter a post each day of the month of November.  I was pretty good at daily posting when I first began.  I got in a groove and writing something every day or so came easily.  Then, life got complicated and time to write grew short.  I usually post just before going to bed and then for a while, I was just too whipped to write.

To be honest, some days I have way more than enough thoughts and events to write just ONE post.  One thing I need to improve upon is blogging about various crafts.  You wouldn't know it, but I finish at least one thing each day.  The problem lies in my not taking photos of said items. 

I'm turning over a new leaf, starting, uh, tomorrow.  I will finish all items completely -- that means sewing on buttons, handles, snaps, bindings, labels -- whatever it takes to say 'done'.  Done, done, diddly done!

Next, I will try to take snapshots of the project, whatever it's state, and post it as well.

Phew, that's enough for today.  Commitment to improve, any way I can.

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