Saturday, November 21, 2009

Done, done, diddly done

The last of my craft shows for 2009 is over and I have to say I'm relieved.  It was not a good show for me but my friends Tanya and Linda fared much better.

Now I need to finish an order for fingerless mitts for my friend Eddie and knit up a charcoal gray felted hat for a customer from the Mt. Bruce show.  Next I can concentrate on Christmas knitting and personal knitting.  So glad for that!  I have to work on my hoodie tunic sweater -- nearly done, unravel another WIP sweater that wasn't behaving, and start working on some of the yarn my sister Denise has brought back for me from various trips over the past few years.  I've been woefully slow in using them and they're all so nice.

Tomorrow morning I'm picking up my Mom and driving her out to see Holly & Mike's new house.  Mike has cooked up a pot of Ham & Bean soup for us for lunch so we'll get there early enough to tour the house and then eat.  Mom will no doubt take pictures and I'm sure will love the place.

If I get home early enough I want to head over to Jan the Potter's house to pick up this great piece of pottery that can be used for dips.  I'll post a picture if I end up getting one.

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