Monday, November 23, 2009

The Newlyweds

Yesterday I had a great visit with Holly & Mike, even if it was a short one.  I told her next time I'll come early on a Saturday and spend the day with her.  We talked about me getting some snowshoes and wandering around the property once it's covered with snow.  There was also mention about some very cute sheep that Mike had heard about.....

I snapped a few pictures of the happy couple and here's the best ~~

Mike was getting over a bad cold and cough so he wasn't feeling the best but he was a trooper.

I know it will be challenging for them to hit her dad's family, my family and Mike's family for Thanksgiving Day dinners.  I hope they save a bit of appetite so they can try my new appetizers at my sister Carol's house.  I bought a new piece of pottery yesterday and it came with a Hot Crab meat Dip recipe.  What's not to like about Crab meat!  I'm also in charge of Green Bean Casserole.  I'm waiting to hear from Carol whether the extra relatives from Buffalo will be coming or not.  I want to pick up the groceries tomorrow since Wednesday will be a madhouse for sure at the grocery store.

Today I finally got my hair cut and colored.  Egads, it was getting so darn grey and shaggy.  Now I'm back to brown and spiffy.  I met up with Tanya and Linda to debrief our weekend craft show.  We strategized about how we could do things differently/better next year.  Unfortunately I wound up getting the pizza we were eating stuck near my temporary crown, the one on top in the back (tooth #15 for those of you familiar with dentistry).  Once home, it decided to pop off while I was trying to floss out the stuck substance.  Lucky for me it didn't pop off into the toilet.  Have I mentioned that I'm always multi-tasking??

Fear not, I called the dentist and they were able to get me in right away to re-glue the wayward temporary crown and advised me to floss carefully back there by simply pulling the floss through the teeth instead of up and out.  Gargling with warm salt water might help with the gum swelling I've been experiencing too.  I say a little wine ought to do the trick too.  Drinking it that is, not gargling with it.  Though that does give me an idea...

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