Monday, November 9, 2009

Warning Signs

Oh, it's not quite that ominous.  How many times do you have a warning sign that you don't heed?  Everytime I cook something in the broiler the smoke detector goes off.  Of course, that sets the dog off, and I run around the house with a magazine trying to clear the smoke from the various detectors, opening every available window.  Years ago I nearly set the house on fire.  I started a frying pan of meatballs and went across the street to talk to a neighbor.  Big mistake.  When I realized my error I headed back to my house in time to see smoke billowing out of every window and every smoke detector going off, with the dogs barking frantically.  Never repeated that careless error again.

Two weeks ago my tire pressure warning light came on in my T&C.  I got the tires filled back up and went on my merry way.  Then, the light came back on again last week and I thought it was just a sensitive sensor.  Wrong.  Turned out I had a nail in my left rear tire.  Got that fixed for free.  What a pleasant surprise.  Sure beats having a flat tire.  I didn't even know where the spare tire was on a T&C.

Yesterday my 'change oil' sensor went off in the car.  Sure enough, it was time for a change.  I took a half day at work today and took care of that.

Tonight I finished the sleeves on my Hoodie Tunic and started the hood.  I was hoping to have it completed for tomorrow when I'll be presenting a trunk show at the Black Sheep Knitting Guild monthly meeting.  I've gathered several items I've knitted in preparation but will need to scoop up a few felted items to augment my stash.  I also have to run the door prizes and remember to bring my item for our Brown Bag exchange.  So much to remember, I better make a list.

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