Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Guild Wrap Up and more...

Last night's knitting guild meeting was so much fun and such a busy night.  Here is my table full of trunk show items ~~ 

 I brought several sweaters, including my Einstein, and various hats, scarves, and mittens.  I even brought one of the needle felting coasters left over from my team builder activity at work.

We are fortunate to have an enthusiastic Charity project chairwoman in Judith.  This year she kitted up donated yarn and hat patterns for guild members to knit hats for homeless children in our area.  Unfortunately the need is even greater than it has been in years past.
Here's Judith sporting one of her fabulous hats and all of the wonderful kits that were made up for us ~~

And here's a shot of the door prizes that were up for grabs last night.  12 super prizes that were donated by various guild members.

Last up, I finished the other sterling silver mitt for Eddie this afternoon and started working on another pair for a different customer.  Here's the first one and the second one, barely cast on ~~


I'm sure all crafters have had this thought in their lives:  what would happen to ALL of my craft supplies if I died tomorrow?  What would happen to all that yarn, that fabric, those books and patterns?  I came across this article in the Anchorage Daily News and it should make all of us sit down and write out a plan.  In this article's case, the quilter died at her sewing machine -- so incredible.  Read the article:  Alaskan Quilter Story

In my head I know what I want to happen but it does no one any good unless I write it down.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing that article, Suzanne. What a great story. It is probably the rare person who has anything in the way of estate planning for their craft - whatever it may be. - Eddie