Saturday, November 28, 2009

Tidying Up

Today I spent much of the day putting things back in their places.  Most of my time was spent organizing my wayward knitting patterns back into their proper binders.  For a brief moment Kevin stepped into my craft room and announced that if I knit for 10 hours a day I might be able to knit all my yarn in a year and half, maybe two years.  He's such a man.  I expect it would take the better part of five years at that pace and NO more buying in order to achieve that goal.

He's not my husband but sometimes he sounds just like one.  'When are you going to go back to the gym?'  'You really should cut out drinking pop and using butter.'  'You can't possibly need any more yarn or pattern.'  As long as he's around I don't really need a husband, do I?

I started a new hat, Hand Knit Ear Flap Hat, by a gal named Lucia.  Check out her website:  Lucia's hat calculator  I hope to post some pictures tomorrow.

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