Friday, November 6, 2009

Knitters are such nice people

Tonight my friend Sue and I spent four hours at Ewe-nique Knits in Royal Oak.  We joined about 20+ other ladies knitting and munching on delightful desserts for a contribution of $20.  Ewe-nique Knits sponsors a local little league hockey team and offered this evening as a way to make a donation to the hockey team so that kids could be outfitted with equipment.  I bet they're the only knit shop around that sponsors a hockey team.

Marilyn has a heart of gold and it shows in the many ways she gives back to the community.  She also has fundraisers for the local animal shelter and there is a group of knitters that meets at her shop to make charity blankets for the pets who are waiting for their forever home.

I thoroughly enjoyed the Bump Cupcakes that were baked by Marilyn's son-in-law.  A variation on the Sanders Bump Cake.  I restrained myself and only had one, but I could have easily downed another one, or two....

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