Thursday, November 5, 2009


Today at work I picked up where I left off yesterday -- my batch erred off.  Hours later I got the batch to finish in pieces.  I concatenated the various output files and sent the complete file on its way. 

I woke up early today because of unfinished business at work yesterday.  When I leave the office, I like to leave it with my work completed.  At 6 PM yesterday while shutting down my system I realized I hadn't completed a task and it bothered me all night.  I'm not one to make mistakes.  NOT that I don't make mistakes, but rather, I try not to leave things up to chance.  Whenever possible I complete my tasks early.  Apparently, this habit is relegated ONLY to work tasks.

Yesterday after work I headed out to a California wine class.  Long story short -- once I got there I had to run a couple of blocks to get to an ATM to withdraw money for the night's tasting.  This goes back, remember, to my debit card getting hacked last week.  When have you been to a grocery store lately where you couldn't use your debit card and get a few extra dollars back?  The checkout girl told me I couldn't get any cash back and to head over to the bank instead.  Ugh.

My goal is to have a bit of knowledge about California wines so I don't embarrass myself when I do eventually visit my niece Carla.  After my class last night, I'm eager to visit Carla...maybe someday soon.

For now, it's been a stressful day, getting that file out, and I'm absolutely ready for bed.  I also got my seasonal flu shot today so I'm in need of a couple minutes extra sleep.................

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