Saturday, November 14, 2009

Such a mess

Every fall you'll find a lot of debris in my house.  Show season leaves me little time to keep my house tidy.  The only reason it's in as good a shape as it's in is because I hosted my quilt group in September.

As I finish a hat or bag the leftover yarn is tossed aside.  It's truly amazing how the remainders of skeins of yarn grow in piles of orphaned fiber.  When I'm preparing for a show I frenetically pull skeins of yarn from my stash, auditioning them for various projects and casting them aside when they don't make the grade.  Then, once my shows are done for the year, I delve back into my stash and straighten everything out.

This year my room was torn up as usual but especially since I took the two workshops at the Ann Arbor Fiber Expo.  Today was the day to make things right.  I'm offering up photos of the befores today and once completed tomorrow, I will give you the afters.

Even my computer desk is a mess.  So many patterns and other stuff take up space -- can't even write a note to myself.

This was a busy day reorganizing every thing in my craft room.  As usual, it consumed way more time than I had allocated for the project.  I did not go to rug hooking group (too much time, gasoline, mileage, and time -- I think I said that already).

I always feel so productive when I get all of my scraps wound into nice tight balls, and put everything in its place.  I'm not quite done but I'll finish tomorrow for sure and post pics of the new and improved craft room.


Lupie said...

This is just how my office looks more often than not. Then I fix it up and it stays like that for a short while and back it goes to a big mess.

Anonymous said...

First photo didn't look bad at all. Can't you just close one eye and back away with a glass of wine? Good luck!!

Anonymous said...

LOL! This is how my room looks when I do a project! It always looks so nice when it's straightened up but does it stay that way? NOOOOO! Have fun discovering what's under the piles that you forgot about. That's what happens to me! ~Joyce