Monday, November 2, 2009

Back to Work

Today was definitely an awkward day at work.  With 4 co-workers knowing that their services are no longer needed, you could say we were treading carefully.  I know I said a thing or two that was insensitive, though it wasn't meant that way.  I will try to be more careful in how I say things.  For instance, I was having trouble with my access to a particular system and I said maybe I was supposed to be excessed.  Not cool, especially when said in front of someone who was told last Friday they'd be excessed in February.  Egg on my face.

There are times when you struggle to find the right thing to say and end up saying the exact wrong thing.  Sometimes you should just not say anything at all.  Silence is golden.

In keeping with my new pledge to keep you updated on my craft progress here are some pictures of hats I've finished since Saturday ~~

 This cute baby hat is a Tri-Corner Hat pattern from the Pattern a Day calendar from a few years ago.  I made a different one for my friend Colleen's baby shower and now that Samantha is old enough to wear it, they're both getting loads of compliments on it so I'm making more.

Next are a couple of hats I've been making and selling a lot ~~

Both use yarns from Stonehedge Fiber Mills in East Jordan but the content and weight were a bit different. I love them both but the grey version, with angora, leaves quite a bit of hair on you when you're knitting.  Ok, especially if you're dumb enough to wear black jeans while knitting.  In your car.  In the parking lot, killing time, waiting for a wine tasting to start.  There.  'Nuff said.

This version of the same hat used Cascade 128 Tweed and a great button from Gifted at Beaumont Hospital, just before the store closed.  Sniff, sniff.

And last up is two versions of a Toque pattern.  The first was a bit small so I added one repeat of the cable pattern and it came out just right.  I used Berroco Sundae yarn for both.

Last Thursday when I went to said wine tasting, I tried to use my VISA debit card to pay the measly $15 charge.  Guess what?  It wouldn't go through.  Ok, so that was embarrassing.  I used my VISA credit card instead but I sure did stew about the cause of that debacle.

I tasted several wines worth buying but didn't dare pick up any since I knew I had a problem to straighten out with my credit union.  Sure enough, when I read my emails I discovered someone had tried to hack my account.

When I called the credit union fraud department they said someone tried to charge $4000 to JoinUs, two days before payday.  Weren't they stupid????  I don't know about you, but I NEVER have that much in my checking that close to month end.

Now that things have been corrected, I'll be getting another debit card, which I will watch like a hawk.

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